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Two Of My Favorite Board Games

I was first introduced to the board game Ticket to Ride a couple years ago. We invited some good friends over for dinner. We have since come to know them for their love of serious games. The first things I noticed about this game, was how big the game board is, and how elaborate the design of the game is. It is interesting to me how big of a difference the design can make. The concept of the game is pretty basic. Starting at the beginning of the game, you receive a couple cards that indicate certain train routes on the game board. Your task is to collect he right colored cards that enable you to connect all of your train routes. Additional route cards can be selected as well in addition to those chosen in the beginning. The game ends when a player has less than three of his original forty five trains left. Points are added up for several things; the completion of train routes, length of train segments, and ten points for the person with the longest train.The game Power Grid is another great one. I ...


Understanding The Components Of Mah Jongg Sets

The game of mah jongg has been played in China for thousands of years. It is such a simple, yet fun game that it has managed to spread to every corner of the planet. Mah jongg came to the United States with the immigration of Chinese residents to the US in the second half of the 19th century. The game was introduced to other ethnic groups, especially Jews, and by the 1920s mah jongg sets could be purchased in most large cities in the country.A mah jongg set is composed of 136 or 144 tiles divided into two main groups. The first group of mah jongg tiles is the simples. The simples are three groups of suited tiles. Each suit contains nine tiles. The first of these three suits is bamboos, sometimes called sticks. Each tile has pictures of bamboo strings holding coins, except for the first bamboo tile, which has a bird perched on a bamboo stalk.The second suit of simple tiles is characters, or numbers. Each one of these tiles has the Chinese character for the number 10,000. Each also has one of the Chinese charac...


Five Games To Play During Weekend Nights With Your Kids

Are you looking to start a family game night? This article will give you some tips on what games to play where you and your children will love. Sometimes, parents can become busy attending to business or work during weekdays. They leave the kids with the nannies or babysitters. This is something that you cannot avoid if you and your spouse are both working. Well, there is always a weekend to make up for your busy schedule during weekdays. It is best to spend the whole day and night with your kids. You should come up with some activities and games to make this bonding time more memorable and fun. To help you out in this goal, here are five examples of games that you can play during weekends with your kids. 1. Bean bag toss or washer toss game - This game is known with various names such as Corn hole game, Beanbag toss or Soft Horseshoes, depending on the material that you will use, but nevertheless this game is a real winner for any family trips or weekend nights bonding moment. You can play this outdoors o...


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